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News & Story Ideas

The following are suggestions of story ideas. Sarah Maria can also speak on a number of topics regarding holistic health, self-esteem and body-loathing issues, Yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation. Please contact her with specific requests.

What Are We Doing to Our Daughters? In a culture of stick-thin models, our young adolescents are embarking on a dangerous path of dieting, bingeing, and purging. Sarah Maria can discuss the signs that your child is in danger and practical psychological exercises that can help.

Self-hatred May be Killing You: Self-hatred and body-loathing are not only difficult emotionally. They also have specific ramifications for your physical health: immune system, digestion, heart health, etc. Sarah Maria can discuss those health implications as well as tips to turn self-hatred into self-appreciation.

No Such Thing as Ugly: Our culture has defined beauty pretty narrowly: thin, young, toned, and perfect. But how has history defined beauty? Other cultures? Sarah Maria can discuss alternative definitions of beauty and how we might promote them in the US for a healthier society.

Find Your Truth and Stick to It: Learn how to hold your own against cultural perceptions of beauty. Discover how to find what is true for you and believe it. Find out how to combat the media onslaught that we are faced with every day.

Will OCD Destroy Your Family? OCD sufferers aren't the only ones affected by the disease. It also takes a huge toll on families and other relationships. Sarah Maria can talk about the difficult dynamics surrounding OCD and will offer tips to cope and preserve relationships.

Helping Your Lover Love Her Body: Women are notorious for being critical of the bodies their men love. Sarah Maria offers tips to guys to help their women feel beautiful and loved.

What if Your Lover Doesn't Love Your Body? What to do if the man in your life is critical of your body? Sarah Maria will talk about navigating this thorny issue, navigating the relationship while maintaining your self-esteem.

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