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here's a war going on, and it's not in some foreign country. It's the war that too many of us fight on a daily basis the ongoing war with our bodies.

  • We're not thin enough, so we starve ourselves.
  • We're not toned enough, so we exercise to exhaustion.
  • We're not healthy enough, so we avoid all pleasurable food in favor of alfalfa sprouts.
  • And we're not beautiful enough, so we keep ourselves apart from others and the love they might offer.

In a culture that worships thin, young, fit, and perfect, few of us can measure up. And our obsession with what we are not has extinguished the joy and vibrancy of who we are.


But some of us are ready to reclaim that joy and vibrancy.

In Sarah Maria's upcoming book "Love Your Body, Love Your Life" she combines ancient wisdom with modern science and shows you, step-by-step, how to pacify your mind, heal your heart, befriend your body, and transform your life.  CLICK HERE TO BE NOTIFIED as soon as Sarah Maria's life-changing book is available for purchase.

"There is a way out," says Sarah Maria of Break-free Beauty. "It is possible to love and respect your body, to be at peace with your natural urges, and not live in constant fear of gaining weight or growing old. I know the path to befriending the body is not easy.  It is painful and difficult, and at times you may feel it is hopeless.  But I assure you that it is possible."


Sarah Maria, a highly accomplished young woman with seemingly everything going for her, suffered this all too common body-loathing for 14 years.  She shares her journey back to health and joy through her writing, workshops, and retreats. From the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to the science of quantum physics and practical psychological processes to restore self-esteem, Sarah Maria addresses women who feel trapped in the vicious, unending war on their bodies, offering practical tips and insights and a way back to self-esteem, peace, happiness, and vibrancy.


Visit Sarah Maria's Web site at: www.BreakFreeBeauty.com.


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